Genealogical charts

The eleven updated genealogical charts of the Moroder

The Moroder family genealogical charts shown were elaborated to find the descendents of each single branch. All of the genealogical charts published to date permit you to research the stems of each family of interest. Every genealogical branch represents just one of the Moroders. Each chart represents one branch of the family and is marked with a number and a colored dot. All of the Moroder branches originate from Val Gardena/Gröden, Italy. Dates of birth, death and marriage are if known all shown. In the first family tree dating back to 1980, the profession of each individual was stated. This is no longer the case, partially due to lack of space but also because nowadays many people change profession in their lifetime. The new Moroder Family tree will be updated from 1980 until 2016.

In order to visualize the genealogical charts, you must to be registered and the law against privacy must be respected.

Table 2 - Tisción / Latàmbres (extinct line)

Table 3 - Resciesa / Brùel

Table 4 - Spain / Chile / Venezuela / California

Table 5 - Costamula "A" Mëune, Bayern, Sodlieja, Vidalónch, Lenért, de Basilio

Table 6 - Costamula "B" Luca, Peza, Val, Costamula de Sot

Table 7 - Costa / Bataiàn de Sëura (extinct line)

Table 8 - Scurcià "A" - San Carlos de Bariloche Tandil (ARG) Janmatìe, Plandemureda, Levìgi, Berchtesgaden, Argentinien, Lenért, Rudolfine, da Còsta, Columbia, Cialiàn

Table 9 - Scurcià "B" Scurcià, Bayern, Resciesa

Table 10 - Ancona

Table 11 - Jumbiërch / Lusenberg (Trindadeiànesc, Tannenheim, Mayrhofern

Table 12 - Milwaukee (USA) / Wisconsin (USA)

Table 13 - Doss / Buenos Aires / Salta (ARG) (de Gottfried, Doss, Buenos Aires, Sodlieja)